SEA paid referencing

(Search Engine Advertising)

Paid Search consists of creating sponsored links through the purchase of keywords on one or more broadcast networks (Google AdWords, Yahoo Sponsored Links ..), in order to increase the popularity of your business, generate revenue traffic on your website and therefore result in increased internet sales.

By choosing to do your SEO at SEOCOM Marrakech, we guarantee:

    • Creating your ad campaign on the Google Adwords platform
    • Selection of keywords related to your activity
    • Creating ad groups (by keywords, by targeting type)
    • Writing commercial announcements
    • Geographical targeting
  • Choosing the best schedules for your ads
  • Google’s name of the company: Even the worst of the SEM agencies will probably do quite well in a Google search for the name of the company, but do your due diligence. Check out their case studies, ask to look at sample reports, and look for bad reviews. Can the agency provide customer references?
  • Who does the work: This is an important issue. Working with a competent sales person to close the deal is very different than working with an experienced account manager. Who will work directly with your account? What is their SEM background?
  • What you pay: Be wary of agencies that receive a percentage of advertising or project costs together. Agencies, like lawyers, should only charge you for work that is actually done. Look for an agency that bills on time.
  • How the ROI Agency Report: The major advantage of online marketing – be it SEO, PPC, or SMM – is that online efforts are easily tracked. A strong SEM agency needs to provide ROI measures of all aspects of SEM. Request a ROI report from the sample. Does the agency account for the cost of services in return on investment? How does the agency weight visitors from multiple sources (eg email campaign, paid search and branded organic search)? How does the organization manage brand and brand awareness campaigns?
  • What about competitors: knowing what your competitors are doing online is important in a SEM strategy. How does the agency integrate competitor research into their processes?
  • In progress: SEO, PPC Management, and SMM can not be performed in a one-time project. How does the prospective agency ensure ongoing management? Does agency fees set a monthly rate or does the agency adjust to your changing needs?
  • Percentage of work focused on analysis: In the SEM world, analysis should be the foundation for each proposed solution. A good SEM agency will research the cutting-edge keywords for target before starting SEO or paid search efforts. Strong agencies will provide post-mortem analyzes on online marketing campaigns and regular reports. What kind of analysis does the agency regularly provide? Request a sample report.
  • What’s next: A good SEM agency should be able to answer this question. What tools and platforms for online marketing are on the horizon? Is mobile going to gain market share? If you put your money in widgets and iPhone application development? If you incorporate an OpenID ID?
  • What their customers know: From my point of view, these are the most important criteria for choosing an SEM agency. Good agencies teach their SEM clients. Do their customers understand SEO? Do they attend SEM conferences? What can you expect to learn from working with the agency?

Review agency responses to your questions. How long did they react? Did the agency answer your questions altogether or just provide a boilerplate answer? What was your overall impression in collaboration with the agency on the questionnaire? Choosing an SEM agency can be difficult for traders with little SEM experience, but by asking the right questions, good agencies should distance themselves from the pack.